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 Playoffs number clans informations

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Playoffs number clans informations Empty
PostSubject: Playoffs number clans informations   Playoffs number clans informations Icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2008 12:24 pm

Well i think that in sesaon 2 here will be also the number 8 in number of playoffs clans.But however PULP as a winner of SCSL 1 will automaticly get in playoffs that mean if here will get 8 clans in playoffs but PULP won't be one of them the 8th clan won't get in and it will be changed by PULP.But if here will be around 25-30 active clans we might see the 16 clans in playoffs but only 15 will go in playoffs if PULP won't get in first 16 so 16th clan will be changed by PULP.I hope you understand what i want to say if not write a replay Smile

P.S.: we will discuss about if PULP will get automaticly in.We might also get second automaticly clan who get in playoffs(the winner of free-play period) but here is all conected with word maybe.But don't worry we will make sure before the fre-playing periode start so keep your eys in this topic replays Smile
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Playoffs number clans informations
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